Group Classes


Group classes get you off the lounge giving you social opportunities to meet the people in our community.

Feel motivated and supported by other practitioners and teaching staff whilst being accountable for your own neurological health.

Come as you are, perfect. There are no levels, you do not need to be flexible. All classes are suited to every body.

Wheelchair access / elevator available and welcome for group chair yoga.

Corporate Yoga

Yoga Energy will create a low cost program to improve your employees mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace.

The program, generally 45 minutes to one hour will incorporate three phases.

The first phase your employee will learn to manipulate their own nervous system with breathing techniques to enhance concentration.

The second phase adds gentle movement to those breathing techniques to alleviate the ergonomics in the workplace.

Finally a neurological strategy is delivered to allow the employee to consider a state of intense focus and relaxation.

Our tailor made programs will encourage team building, a happier workplace and encourage future productivity to your business.

School Yoga Programs

Yoga Energy has designed age specific programs to cater from Kindergarten to Year 12 and in preparation for the HSC.

During the Primary years the program caters to enhance the short attention span of younger children, by bringing the fun of movement and the knowledge of breathing to their space. The children are taught about basic Anatomy and guided through a safe, basic movement class.

The use of positive affirmations are made during the class to encourage personal discipline and self love. As the students progress into the senior years the program focuses on three phases. Strategic breathing techniques paired with intelligent movement and mindfulness meditation.

This program assists in the reduction of anxiety and stress associated with exams and teenage pressures. The program also builds flexibility, balance and posture, to alleviate common aches and pains associated with being seated in a classroom each day.

Finally the use use of positive affirmations are used to increase student psychological reintegration by offering strategies to increase memory and goal setting..

Yoga For Emergency Services

Yoga Energy supports all emergency services to assist in the management of the mental health for in service and retired personnel. The program looks at daily combat pressures including stress, burnout, critical incident exposure, pre and post trauma resilience, psychological fitness training including wellness strategies.

The neurological fitness program is broken into four components. Social, structural, functional and psychological strategies.

The program is delivered in or out of uniform in your workplace or in the studio for training days. We inter grate social behaviours, tactical yoga drills, strategic breathing techniques and neurological facets.

Private Appointments

Don’t feel like coming to the studio? You will not miss out! Yoga Energy can set you up in the comfort of your own home.

During the introduction session we create a space in your home and consider what props you may need to give your home practice comfort and ease.

Your yoga teacher will then record your personal and medical history taking into consideration any limitations and your practice will be modified accordingly. Between the teacher and the practitioner a plan will be collaborated upon and a second session will be necessary to implement and guide the practitioner through the practice.

Subsequent appointments for in home yoga practice can be built and or redesigned at your request.

Special Events

Yoga Energy are excited to announce monthly special events with like minded Energy Healers to bring you a monthly evening of Yoga and meditation organic teas, gifts, and the opportunity to enjoy the program and purchase items further services from these special guests. Places are capped and limited, and members have the first opportunity to book. Pre-payment is necessary to confirm numbers.

“ Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen. 

Brene Brown