Setting up a yoga studio has been a calling for me! My career and life has been focused around service. For the last decade, I have been working as a Police Officer in the NSW police force. As a first responder, I have personally known the feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Yoga saved me and that is why I have been called to create my studio – Yoga Energy – a healing, transformation and restorative space where you can just be you. My real life battle with witnessing daily trauma in the society I was serving and within myself, gave a me first-hand experience as to how to provide therapeutic support to my community.

I value formal and higher education, however I do believe that I have experienced a different education as a former police woman on the streets in Sydney. This experience now translates to the yoga mat and how I run my class.

I have run volunteer yoga classes to emergency service personnel to assist them to deal with stress, to build resilience for their day to day domestic combat and teach them how to restore themselves to factory settings. These are not just skills for first responders. These are skills that every single one of us needs in our daily life to lead the best life possible. I have studied at The Yoga Institute and I have been awarded a diploma of Yoga Studies and I am a registered Level 1 trainer with Yoga Australia.

I am proudly a Yoga ambassador and trainer for Yoga For First Responders, which I studied in Chicago, USA under the Founder and CEO Olivia Mead. I was the first Australian graduate of this school, and I committed to pioneering this transformative yoga style in Australia. I also have a certificate in trauma aware Yoga Education, including Post Traumatic Stress presentations and Neurobiology of Trauma through Frontline Yoga. I have also received a Modern Hypnosis Certification from the esteemed Tad James Co. I am a life long student and will remain committed to studying therapies to support my clients in their journey to heal, transform and expand to live the fullest life possible. I am a multi-faceted modern woman. I am a proud mother to four amazing children and I have been married 20 years. The journey has been interesting, challenging and rewarding. I have learned to be kind to myself and to others on this journey and yoga has been a big part of helping me to manage the guilt of trying to be a super woman mother and wife. Yoga isn’t just for the mat. I have also learnt to incorporate practices with my family and to keep my life in balance externally and internally. This is just a short snippet of my journey. I look forward to meeting you and holding space for you in my class.

Love, light and respect,