Meet our Yoga Instructors

Kate Karpenko
Kate Karpenko
Setting up a yoga studio has been a calling for me! My career and life has been focused around service. For the last decade, I have been working as a Police Officer in the NSW police force. As a first responder, I have personally known the feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Yoga saved me and that is why I have been called to create my studio – Yoga Energy – a healing, transformation and restorative space where you can just be you. My real life battle with witnessing daily trauma in the society I was serving and within myself, gave a me first-hand experience as to how to provide therapeutic support to my community.

I value formal and higher education, however I do believe that I have experienced a different education as a former police woman on the streets in Sydney. This experience now translates to the yoga mat and how I run my class.

I have run volunteer yoga classes to emergency service personnel to assist them to deal with stress, to build resilience for their day to day domestic combat and teach them how to restore themselves to factory settings. These are not just skills for first responders. These are skills that every single one of us needs in our daily life to lead the best life possible. I have studied at The Yoga Institute and I have been awarded a diploma of Yoga Studies
and I am a registered Level 1 trainer with Yoga Australia.

I am proudly a Yoga ambassador and trainer for Yoga For First Responders, which I studied in Chicago, USA under the Founder and CEO Olivia Mead. I was the first Australian graduate of this school, and I committed to pioneering this transformative yoga style in Australia. I also have a certificate in trauma aware Yoga Education, including Post Traumatic Stress presentations and Neurobiology of Trauma through Frontline Yoga. I have also received a Modern Hypnosis Certification from the esteemed Tad James Co. I am a life long student and will remain committed to studying therapies to support my clients in their journey to heal, transform and expand to live the fullest life possible. I am a multi-faceted modern woman. I am a proud mother to four amazing children and I have been married 20 years. The journey has been interesting, challenging and rewarding. I have learned to be kind to myself and to others on this journey and yoga has been a big part of helping me to manage the guilt of trying to be a super woman mother and wife. Yoga isn’t just for the mat. I have also learnt to incorporate practices with my family and to keep my life in balance externally and internally. This is just a short snippet of my journey. I look forward to meeting you and holding space for you in my class.

Love, light and respect,

Victoria Kasunic
Victoria Kasunic
began my personal practice of yoga 10 years ago, in my late 30s. I started attending classes at a local studio and I just kept going back because I would leave those classes feeling calmer and happier.

I still feel that way, now 10 years later as a teacher of yoga, at the end of the class when my students are relaxed – it really does feel that all is well in the world in those moments. I work as a psychologist as well and use yoga both for myself and with my clients.

For me yoga is a systematic approach through which we harmonise ourselves, body, mind and soul. I offer individual yoga and psychology sessions, workshops and retreats.

Jen Craven
Jen Craven
Jen started her career in fitness when she was 16 and used it as a way to get her through her University Science Degree in Human Movement.
Jen had a strong background in sports from early years in Gymnastics to Swimming and Triathlon always being active.
Jen has worked in gyms ever since, but her passion is group classes. Following on from her Science Degree, Jen did her Graduate Diploma in Education Secondary PDHPE .
Many injuries, too much running, training for half marathons and a full marathon and 4 kids later Jen’s body felt worse for ware, so she completed her yoga training as a way to balance her training.
“I fell in love with it”. I have since gone back to school teaching after baby 4 but continue to teach fitness and yoga classes, because I absolutely love it. “I tell everyone without yoga I doubt I would walk, or still run the distances I do”. I like to teach a mix of a good strong vinyasa flow incorporating functional movements and releasing overused muscles. I look forward to seeing you in class.
Antonika Nieuwen
Antonika Nieuwen
Antonika was a scientist turned yoga teacher. She first pursued a career in science after completing her Bachelor of Forensic Medicine in Biomedical Science in 2014 and worked at a leading medical pathology laboratory for four years.

However, overtime she felt her passion didn’t lie within medical science. Having practised yoga since 2012, she completed her 200 hour teacher training at InYoga, Surry Hills. Her motivation evolved. She fell in love with the practices of yoga and the integration of eastern methodology. She left her full-time scientist job and moved towards focusing on areas of health and wellbeing. She is now in her final year on completing her Diploma of Nutrition and continues to expand her knowledge through study and workshops. Her biggest goal is to inspire and empower others be the best version of themselves, and to seek joy and peace through yogic practice.

Jo Dikkenberg
Jo Dikkenberg
Jo is a passionate and experienced health professional.

She teaches a blend of yoga and exercise science, drawing on principles of western health science, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and hatha yoga. She also shares and educates on the safe and effective use of doTERRA pure essential oils to support individual health and wellness goals.

She is an accredited Exercise Scientist (ESSA) and Yoga Teacher (YA) and has a BA in Sport and Exercise Management with Distinction. She is a former sailing youth world champion, member of the NSW Institute of Sport and the Australian Sailing Squad.

Karen Pearn
Karen Pearn
Yoga has been a big part of Karen’s life for many years, and her passion to
share not only the physical benefits but also the positive effects it has on the
mind and wellbeing inspired her to complete her yoga teacher training with
Janine Leagh at Hot Yogi Australia and meditation facilitator training with
Nicola Ellis at Adore Yoga. She later went on to do Yin teacher training with
Sarah Owen, Advanced Teacher training and Restorative Yoga training at
Sukha Mukha Yoga with Idit Hefer Tamir and Katie Manitsas.

So, her training
is from some very sound and spiritual goddesses.
Yoga has changed Karen’s life and has helped her face the many challenges
of living in a hectic fast paced environment. Karen practices yoga daily both
on and off the mat, with physical practice, meditation and healthy living. It has
taught her a sense of being kind to herself and others, to explore warmth,
health and wholeness. Through her own experience she knows how amazing
yoga can make you feel, and she wants to help others experience that.
Karen has previous years of experience working in the fitness industry so is
very comfortable in a teaching role. She is also a registered nurse and you will
notice how her kindness filters through as she pays attention to everyone
individually, acknowledging their situation. She conveys this with openness
and generosity, without judgement, focussing on each person’s own needs.

Her spiritual journey has led her own a path to India this year and she is now
planning on taking students on a pilgrimage in 2020.

She is so passionate about the yogi life she just wants to share its energy with
everyone, sharing her knowledge and provide support for others as they
embark on their own individual journey.

Lisa Brooker
Lisa Brooker
Hello  Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about me!
I am a mum and former Primary and Early Childhood teacher who fell in love with yoga when I was
pregnant with my first child ten years ago. Yoga ignited something in me that I know was always
there but I could never quite access it.
My passion is to share yoga with people of all ages and with all different abilities. I began my yoga
teaching journey by combining my skills as a school teacher and yoga practitioner and I trained with
Rainbow Kids Yoga (now Rainbow Yoga) in 2013 and then with Life Skills Group in 2014. I have
taught yoga to kids in schools and yoga studios and absolutely love it! One of my greatest loves is
teaching Family Yoga where kids and grown ups get to play and get silly together and also learn how
to connect with their breath and their emotions.
In 2017 I completed my Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Balance Yoga North Strathfield and most
recently have completed my pre and postnatal training with Bliss Baby Yoga. Venturing into
teaching adult yoga has been an honour and a joy. I am learning every day and am so grateful that I
get to share this beautiful practice with so many people at different points in their life.
In my classes my intention is always to encourage participants to choose what will make them feel
best – sometimes this will be a challenge and sometimes it will be rest or a modification with a prop.

Yoga brings me such joy and I just want to share that joy as much as I can 

Kylie de Boer
Kylie de Boer
For Kylie yoga isn’t just about the physical asana, but about what it brings to her life and
what she is able to bring to others through the practice of yoga. She believes in creating a
safe, authentic space that provides a place for connection, a place to feel held and a place to
explore your own embodiment. To have choice and to be supported in what is right for you
in any present moment. Kylie has faced many challenges with chronic health issues and
knows first-hand what it is like to not even be able to physically practice, but to only be able
to just be with the mind, the breath and the body. To experience moments where you feel
utterly broken, but something inside you keeps you going.
Kylie is extremely passionate about trauma informed and trauma sensitive practices and
coming from a perspective that is trauma aware, because in some way or another we all
experience challenges and traumas throughout our lives. Kylie loves to create, to write and
to learn and is constantly looking at furthering her knowledge. She teaches from the heart
and her dream is to help and inspire others and to make them feel like they aren’t alone. To
give you the space to explore and to tune into your own intuition.
Kylie is trained in Hatha Vinyasa studying at Sukha Mukha Yoga Studio under the guidance
of Idit Hefer- Tamir and Katie Manitsas. She has also trained in Yin Yoga with Sarah Owen
and Trauma Informed/Trauma Sensitive practice encompassing mental and physical health,
anxiety, depression and body image with Sarah Ball. She looks forward to meeting you
wherever you are at.
Josephine Parker
Josephine Parker
As certified yoga therapist, yoga teacher, and organisational psychologist, I help people build strength from within so they can live their lives with energy, passion and enjoyment.
Through my own personal experiences, I discovered how deep the transformative power of yoga is; it goes well beyond physical strength and flexibility. I love being able to share this with my clients and students; I want to be able to help as many people as I can to learn how to use the healing benefits of yoga.
Before taking the leap to become a yoga teacher and therapist, I spent 15 years in personal practice. Yoga quickly became a part of my life as it gave me a way to successfully juggle fulltime work in corporate organisations, fulltime study at university and raising a family.
In 2017, with my university studies complete and my children becoming more independent, I decided to study yoga mainly to help me with my own practice. I signed up to complete my first 200-hour teacher training with Duncan Peak and the team at Power Living Yoga Australia and was hooked by teaching. Since then I have continued learning from the most inspiring yogis including Nicole Walsh, Tiffany Cruikshank, Sally Flynn, and Annette Louden.
Learning from such a variety of teachers has given me the skills to craft unique classes and workshops. I blend flowing and restorative sequences with breath work and mindfulness practices which leave my clients and students feeling stronger, refreshed and reenergised in body, mind and spirit.
Bronnie Hammond
Bronnie Hammond
I am passionate yoga, doula and energy healer. I am a mum of 2 and a former Violinist and High School teacher. I have grown up with yoga around me but never took it on until I was 28 years old.

My path to yoga teaching began when I experienced PTSD and found healing through yoga. Whilst on this journey of healing I began to study yoga as a hobby. That hobby, completely took over my life. It opened me up to a completely different world, one that provided me with the relief, and love I was looking for. I studied at Sukha Mukha yoga under Idit Tamir Hefer and Katie Manitsas, two teachers that have truly influenced how I teach.

I practice yoga daily both on and off the mat. Using meditation, I have found the calm within the fast paced, social media life that is today. I try and begin every class with a clear theme and intention that I meditate on each week so that I can share different messages with my students that may help them go about their very day and week.

Yoga has ignited in me a passion for working with women through their birth journeys. From conception to postnatally I work with women as a doula to guide them so that they can have positive birth experiences no matter how they birth and to make sure they feel completely supported. Using Yoga postnatally has shown the healing power it can have on women both physically, mentally and spiritually. My goal is to share my knowledge with the women (and men) that I work with and possibly help heal others along the way.

Chrissy Mason
Chrissy Mason
Practising various types of yoga over many years in an effort to counter the effects of a fast paced lifestyle & high stress corporate roles, I felt overwhelmed and burnt out for too long.

I was experiencing life disconnected from myself. It was during a series of life changing events that I began to deepen into an ever-evolving journey of self discovery and self healing. This led me to making positive changes to how I show up in the world and my life, as well as taking aligned action to leave Corporate to pursue an alternative lifestyle.

Learning to listen to my body and emotions, I took a holistic approach to reconnect entirely to my mind, body and soul. Slow practices of Yin Yoga, Meditation, breathing, understanding myself from the inside out and learning how to ‘just be’ resonated deeply within me which is what my body craved. During this time I completed a 200hr YTT (2017) and 50hr YIN YTT (2019).

I am of the belief that our human bodies are not designed for the fast paced, high pressure & notification-driven lifestyle that we find ourselves in today. Now more than ever, it is really important to create space to slow down, reconnect and honour the body. This creates the essence of my classes. With care and compassion for all, I welcome you to join me in a nourishing and welcoming space for you to show up and just be.